Public Security

Competent and Communicative

Personnel in public security operations receive very specific training. In the course of their work in trains and in public transport, maintaining order in parks and other public facilities, they encounter difficult situations and need to be skilled in conflict prevention and de-escalation.

All Dussmann Service security staff participates regularly in further training on important topics of public security with emphasis on communications techniques.

An Overview of our Services  

  • Visitor and passenger services in public transport
  • Ticket checking
  • Order in parks and public places
  • City patrols
  • Parking security  

DIN EN 50518

Certified Security

Certification according to DIN 77200:2017 guarantee the professional quality of our services. We follow health & safety regulations prescribed by ISO 45001. And our alarm receiving center is certified according to the EU norm DIN EN 50518.