Fire Services: Fire fighters in action

Fire Services

Preventive and Dependable

Real estate such as office buildings or production plants represent a substantial proportion of a company’s assets. Fire-fighting and fire prevention services aim to protect real estate and the people who work there. 

We can help you to comply with the fire prevention regulations that you as a business are subject to. We advise you on fire prevention programs, prepare professional analyses and ensure that all of the necessary documentation is in place. We operate complete works fire brigades or we can make individual well-trained professionals available.We are also able to service fire-fighting equipment and fire prevention systems together with our technical services division.
Our specialists would be happy to provide more information on our fire services or references. Simply call us or send us an email.

An Overview of Our Services  

  • Fire prevention analysis and concepts
  • Preparation of a fire prevention program
  • Alarm services
  • Operation of corporate fire brigade

DIN EN 50518

Certified Security

Certification according to DIN 77200:2017 guarantee the professional quality of our services. We follow health & safety regulations prescribed by ISO 45001. And our alarm receiving center is certified according to the EU norm DIN EN 50518.

Alarm Receiving Center

DIN EN 50518

We operate a modern Alarm Receiving Center which complies with the strict standards prescribed by the EU norm DIN EN 50518.