Security operatives in the alarm receiving center

Alarm Receiving Center

Modern and Reliable

Dussmann Service is one of the first security services providers to operate an alarm receiving center (ARC) according to the new norm DIN EN 50518. The ARC deploys new technology and the norm prescribes strict requirements in terms of construction, organization and personnel.

Security systems across Germany and in other EU countries are monitored from the center. Our specially trained staff receive signals from alarm systems and initiate intervention measures.

Clients whose alarm systems are connected to the ARC enjoy a number of benefits. Liability risk is reduced to a minimum and the prescribed availability of 97.94% is continuously monitored, documented and recertified each year. Guaranteed reaction times to alarm alerts are 30-60 seconds for robbery and 90-180 seconds for all other alarms. Alternative transmission routes and an independent emergency power supply guarantee consistent operations. Our alarm response center is regulated by VdS guidelines.

We would be happy to advise you on connection of your alarm systems to our alarm receiving center. Simply call us or send us an email.

Wilfried Kahle
Manager, ARC
Phone +49-3907-7778-100+49-3907-7778-100