Facility Management for the Semiconductor Industry

Because Quality is What Counts

Our facility management concepts for the semiconductor industry consist of a whole range of facility services. It is a unique portfolio in terms of width and depth and we can demonstrate a wealth of experience in providing services to the semi-conductor industry.

The most important service is clean-room cleaning. This involves strict quality standards and uncompromising compliance with regulations. You can rely on Dussmann facility management to maintain strict procedures in clean-room cleaning. We work exclusively with well-trained, skilled personnel and provide regular training. We can also take on responsibility for laundry and tailoring of clean-room clothing as well as clean-room logistics.

We create a service package to take on your secondary processes, tailor-made for the individual requirements of your organization. This enables your personnel to concentrate on your core business.

Our services start with the friendly, multi-lingual reception personnel and extend through cleaning, security, technical services and staff catering.

Tap our know-how and our experience of operations in the semiconductor industry. We would be happy to hear from you by telephone or email.

Jenny Michaelis
Sales Coordinator
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Alarm Receiving Center

DIN EN 50518

We operate a modern Alarm Receiving Center which complies with the strict standards prescribed by the EU norm DIN EN 50518.