Grounds Management and Exterior Cleaning

Comprehensive and Thorough

Are your gardens and grounds literally a growing challenge?

Exteriors are the first impression that clients, employees and competitors gain of an organization and well-kept grounds and gardens benefit your profile and reputation.

We take a holistic view of the entire area and are careful to maintain natural features. We would be happy to help you with a customized solution.

Dussmann Service is the first point of contact for municipal,  commercial and residential requirements and a professional and cost-efficient partner. Call us now for an offer without obligation.

An overview of our services:


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Sustainability in Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

In our cleaning operations, we use biodegradable products from regional suppliers. Our cleaning products carry at least one of the following environmental labels: A.I.S.E., EU flower, FSC seals or Nordic Swan.

Gardening and garden design

  • planting
  • lawn care
  • plant maintenance
  • clearance
  • tree and bush cutting
  • fertilizing and organic pest management
  • tree inventory and register

Surfaced areas

  • cleaning of roads and flagging
  • garage cleaning
  • ice and snow removal
  • litter removal


  • cleaning and conservation
  • organic removal of algae, moss and mold
  • facade cleaning
  • water-resistant treatment
  • graffiti removal
  • ice and snow removal