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Catering for Child-Care Facilities


 Capt'nCook is a holistic catering concept for child-care facilities. It has been developed with the needs of 2 to 6-year-olds in mind and offers plenty of variety. And it enables children, educators and parents to decide what is served.

A wide choice of foods helps children to develop healthy eating habits and to learn to enjoy eating together. We support parents and educators in teaching children to enjoy food and to develop the associated social skills. We organize events and provide work materials and advice.

Food quality is subject to strict controls. Nutrient density of food is very high i.e. it contains a high proportion of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein but relatively low levels of fat. We are also careful with sugar. We use only rapeseed and olive oils and avoid hardened fats and preservatives. Food is free of flavor enhancer.

The meal plan includes fruit and vegetables, some raw, every day. Once or twice a week, meat is included and at least once a week, fish is served. Milk dishes are included 2-3 times a week.

Call us for more information and let us take you on a tour of good food for child-care facilities.

Catering for Child-Care Facilities

Capt'n Cook

Our catering concept  follows the quality standards set by German Nutrition Society for catering in child-care facilities as well as the requirements of the federal ministry of agriculture and consumer protection agencies.


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