Staff Training

Consistent Training Guarantees Long-Term Success

We place huge importance on staff training because this is how we ensure that service standards are maintained at a consistently high level. This involves a continuous adjustment of staff qualification on products, business and methodology.

In addition to regular on-the-job training and instruction, a training program is published via the company intranet each year. The majority of these seminars take place on the Dussmann Campus, the corporate training center in Zeuthen, near Berlin. They cover a wide range of topics for all of the service divisions. Personnel has the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications such as hygiene and cleaning specialist, certified security operative or a master certificate in commercial cleaning. Area and site managers can take part in seminars on financial and personnel management.

This is how we meet the constant challenges and shifting requirements generated by market dynamics and new technologies and processes.



Quality Management

Our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and guarantees continuous improvement of our services.


Statement of corporate governance

On 01.05.2015, the law on the participation of women and men in management positions came into force. It provides for the determination of targets for the proportion of women in executive management and at the next two management levels.

The initial targets for Dussmann Service Deutschland GmbH for the proportion of women in executive management was 0 percent, for the next level 25 Prozent and for the second level 19 percent. On the statutory reporting day for initial targets, June 30, 2017, the proportion of  women in executive management at Dussmann Service Deutschland GmbH was 0 percent. For the next level of management, it was 4 percent and for the second level, 18 Prozent. The above mentioned targets were therefore not fully achieved. On 31.12.2017, the status was unchanged.

The targets determined in 2017 for 30.06.2022  are 20 percent for the proportion of women in executive management, 25 Prozent for the first management level, and 30 percent for the second level.