Dussmann EcoSystem

Sustainable business standards and practices are the pillars on which the company's future depends. This is why we have developed a sustainability concept, the Dussmann EcoSystem. 

We have made a commitment to social responsibility in all of our operations and whilst maintaining the high quality standards of our services, we place strong emphasis on environmental protection. Our dedication to economic, environmental and social sustainability is evident in all of our services activities worldwide.

Sustainability in Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

In our cleaning operations, we use biodegradable products from regional suppliers. Our cleaning products carry at least one of the following environmental labels: A.I.S.E., EU flower, FSC seals or Nordic Swan.

Sustainable Catering

Regional and Seasonal

On request, you can make your catering operations even more sustainable. For example with foods in organic quality or by installing energy-efficient kitchen equipment and converting food waste to energy. Ask us.
Electrical cars with EcoSystem logo
Many electric vehicles are deployed in the operations of Dussmann Service Germany. This enables the Dussmann team to provide environmentally friendly mail services.
Euro coins and notes
We believe that our social responsibility includes ensuring that our personnel are paid fairly and punctually for their dedicated work. We are committed to the prevention of the illegal employment practices which undermine wage agreements and we support the introduction of sector-specific, regionally adjusted minimum wages.